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Ethiopia Travel Planner - Steve and Pat Kutay
Pat & Steve with a Mursi woman

Who is behind Ethiopia Travel Planner?

Steve and Pat Kutay love to travel.

Steve enjoys investigating native cultures and glimpsing behind the curtains to see how people live. Pat ensures they find the best shopping districts and stay in the finest hotels and lodges available.

Steve makes sure they experience the full flavor of the destinations they visit, while she likes the comforts. Together, they make ideal travel companions.

As owners and operators of Ethiopia Travel Planner, Steve and Pat are anxious to share their finds with other people who have a passion for travel, yet don’t care for the standard cattle-like tours offered through larger companies.

Their travel consultancy, in contrast, provides a service for people like themselves — intelligent, curious travelers who prefer to set their own pace.

Fascination Formed Early

Steve Kutay is the master behind the travel madness. 

  • He’s the one who insists on adventure. 
  • He has dragged Pat to Ethiopia (and many other destinations) and turned her into the astute world traveler she’s become. 
  • He’s also the one who grew up with a fascination for languages & cultures from an early age.

Steve honed his ear for language and his curiosity about the world at an early age. 

In college, he majored in Russian and thought perhaps he might become an academic. 

But he was a traveler at heart, and little kept him in one place through various jobs around the world. He worked primarily as an interpreter and eventually became proficient in seven languages.

Importing His Passions

In the late 1970s, Steve opened a shop in Greenwich Village to sell the items he collected while he traveled the world.

His favorite tours were up and down the rivers in New Guinea. Wherever he went, he found treasures to import to his shop.

It took the stable home that Pat created to finally tame her husband’s free spirit. They sold the shop in New York and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and eventually to North Carolina.

Pat keeps the travels down to two or three trips a year. “She’s a good sport,” Steve says. “I’ve dragged her on some pretty crazy trips.”

Travel to Ethiopia

In 2018, the Kutays traveled to Ethiopia (the second time for Steve, first time for Pat). They believe that Ethiopia is worth the trouble and that it truly is the most interesting country in Africa.

After visiting more than 80 countries, they believe that what’s important about international travel is:

  • The adventure of exploring the unknown landscapes and cultures
  • The intimate, engaging visits with local people
  • The glorious sunrises and sunsets in exotic locales
  • The surprising and memorable shared meals

Through their experiences, the couple has learned that the politics of a nation don’t matter as much as the people you connect with. The connections that you form make all the difference. That’s really the Ethiopia Travel Planner difference.


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