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The Most Frequently Asked Questions Everyone Has About Ethiopia

You might have already discovered that even with a lot of digging around online, finding truthful, unbiased and helpful information about travel and tours to Ethiopia is very difficult.

We felt the same way, and we’ve been to over 80 countries!

So when we finally found the information we needed for our trip – after hours of reading other websites, contacting and calling different Ethiopian tour operators, we decided to share what we know here.

We have discovered from hard, personal experiences that in order to make a good decision about an international trip, you need detailed answers to certain crucial questions.

With that in mind, we designed this Ethiopia Travel Guide to help you get the information you need – all in one single resource.

We hope our common-sense answers and practical travel advice helps you get the information and real-world facts you need to know BEFORE you book your trip.


Top 30 Ethiopia Questions

Why visit Ethiopia?

The Truth about Travel in Ethiopia?

Can you show me photos of Ethiopia?

Maps of Ethiopia?

Is Ethiopia safe?  For Women?  For Kids?  For Gays?   

What shots/vaccines should I get?

Are the Ethiopian people friendly?  

What language do they speak in Ethiopia? What about English?

 How much does a Ethiopia tour cost? 

How much money should I take? 

What about tipping in Ethiopia? 

How do I get a visa?

Where should I go on my first trip to Ethiopia?

 What are the best Ethiopia tours & itineraries? 

What’s the climate like in Ethiopia?

When is the best time to go Ethiopia? 

What about Ethiopian food…will I like it?   What if I’m vegetarian?

What about transportation?  Do I need to hire a private driver/guide?  

What about handicapped travelers in Ethiopia?

What should I bring? Clothing, Gear, Personal Travel Kit?

Can I go on a photo safari in Ethiopia? 


More Ethiopia Travel Q&A


In December, 2018, Steve and Pat traveled to Ethiopia. This was the first time for Pat but the second time for Steve.  

Click the link below to discover their impressions, experiences and tour highlights traveling around one of Africa’s most beautiful and fascinating countries. 

Steve & Pat’s Personal Ethiopia Travel Adventures…


Ethiopia – the most fascinating country in Africa?

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