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“You are standing on the patio of a Ethiopian lodge, gazing out at the breathtaking mountain views as the sun drops behind the mountains in the distance.

You think back over the fascinating people, places and scenery you discovered today. 

Night begins to paint the evening sky in stunning shades of orange, reds and yellows. A cool breeze teases the branches of the trees dotted along the surrounding slopes.


Soon you are joined by your fellow adventure travelers. The light from the roaring fire in the stone pit sends dancing waves of color up across the walls along with sparks into the darkening sky overhead.

You sit back comfortably, glass in hand mesmerized by the the views and the comradery.

You listen in as the stories and laughters start to flow. Then suddenly it hits you…

You realize that you are relaxed and happy – actually at peace – for the first time in a good, long while. Finally you understand what a “life altering experience” really means.



“Experience an Epic Adventure in Ethiopia…”

It’s not easy to categorize the kind of person who is interested in Ethiopia…

People come to Ethiopia from all walks of life and from all kinds of occupations: history buffs, educators, photographers, naturalists, birdwatchers, hikers, and even sport fishermen.

Our trips attract people from all over the the world. A typical small tour group can include anyone from 18 to 80 years of age.  

Our tours are all unique – and so are the people who book them. But the one thing all our clients have in common is a deep, spirit of adventure and curiosity. 

If you have a deep desire to explore far-flung places, see diverse cultures for yourself and dream of venturing outside of your comfort zone…

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Ethiopia Travel - Small Group Tours & Custom Trips

“Discover the oldest, independent nation in Africa”

Today there are 54 separate countries in Africa. Of all these countries, Ethiopia is the only one that was never colonized. This alone makes Ethiopia truly unique among all the other nations on the continent.


“Explore World Famous Rock Hewn Churches”

Did you know that Christianity was established in Ethiopia in the Fourth Century AD? Today, visitors can visit 11 ancient monolithic churches (carved out of a solid piece of stone) in Lalibela, in the northern highlands of Ethiopia.


“View Ethiopia’s stunning natural beauty”

While most of East Africa is not particularly scenic, Ethiopia is mainly mountainous, and has some dramatic landscapes on the continent.

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Ethiopia Travel - Small Group Tours & Custom Trips
Axum – Main stelae field

“Ethiopia has 9 UNESCO World Heritage & Historical sites”

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Sites are places of importance to cultural or natural heritage. 

For example, the ruins of the city of Aksum, dating from the 1st to the 13th century, mark the heart of ancient Ethiopia and what was the “most powerful state between the Eastern Roman Empire and Persia”


“See the Diverse Cultures & People of South Ethiopia”

Ethiopia Travel - Small Group Tours & Custom Trips
The annual Timkat Festival, which celebrates the Ethiopian Epiphany

“Witness ancient festivals few Westerners have ever seen”

Ethiopia Travel - Small Group Tours & Custom Trips

“See unique endemic wildlife found only in Ethiopia…”

We understand that many people come to Africa to see animals in the wild. If you are only interested in going on a “safari” and catching a glimpse of one of the so-called “Big 5” animals (lions, rhino, elephants, etc) then Ethiopia is not the place for you. However there are plenty of wildlife species that can only be found in Ethiopia.


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“There is always something interesting to see & do in Ethiopia”

 We can help you plan and arrange an adventure tour centered around your interests:

  • Historical and archaeological sites
  • Festivals and tribal ceremonies
  • Volcanoes and deserts
  • Photographing stunning scenery
  • Bird watching and wildlife expeditions
  • Camping, hiking and even fly fishing

Still you will be surprised to find that booking an Ethiopia tour with us is a lot less expensive than a luxury safari in other parts of Africa.



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Ethiopia Travel Planner is a private tour and travel consultant service. Our vast experience with international tours allows us to help you plan and book the best custom travel package for your trip to Ethiopia…

Here at Ethiopia Travel Planner, we love to create adventure tours for those people who share our passion for educational travel, but who don’t care for the cattle-like safari tours they see offered.

As an American company, based in Raleigh NC, we can offer a variety of tours to Ethiopia at competitive prices. We offer tour planning, responsible travel advice, as well as small group tour packages and custom private tours.