Are the Ethiopian people friendly?

How friendly are Ethiopians in general?

After traveling to Ethiopia, we found that the people were friendly but not overly so. 

People in the more urban areas seem to more open to foreigners, like the young women in the photo above.

Ethiopians are just like other people.

Most of them were great but shy. 

Some were a bit stand offish with people they don’t know, like the young cleric below…

BUT there are a small percentage people who are pick pockets, and there are certainly some people who see foreign travelers as a new source of income – kind of like in any other tourist spot of the world.

We were not hassled much.

Do they speak English?

Yes. But the quality of English varies. Some guides speak pretty good English.

With others, not so much. This seems to is a problem in Ethiopia. Because it was the only African country never colonized, there is no tradition of using English in everyday life.

So many Ethiopians who study English learn it from teachers whose own English is not all that good. This means sometimes communicating can be a bit difficult.