What is tourism like in Ethiopia?

What is tourism like in Ethiopia?

The Truth about Travel in Ethiopia

Now it should be said that Ethiopia requires a bit of an effort on the part of the average traveler.

While there are some very beautiful hotels and lodges in Ethiopia, not all of the accommodations are what most Westerners would consider to be luxurious.

So if you are not adverse to roughing it a little bit then they all are adequate for the weary adventure traveler.

And traveling thru Ethiopia…is either done overland by car or by plane – usually a combination of both.

So you will have travel almost everyday, some distance by car on unpaved roads in order to cover all the parts of Ethiopia that are the most interesting.

You will also need to be able to do at least some walking/hiking at higher altitudes. But we will make sure that your tour is tailored to your abilities in this regard.

So as you can see, we believe that a tour of Ethiopia is worth the trouble because it is the most overlooked but fascinating country in East Africa.

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