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Ethiopia Travel Planner’s Photo Gallery

In this collection, you can view 120 photos from our custom 16-day Ethiopian tour (Steve & Pat Kutay).

We visited five of the eight UNESCO historical sites, enjoyed the rich mountain highlands of the North, the scenic Blue Nile Falls, the rare animals as well as the kaleidoscope of diverse cultures of the South – that all combined together to produce a fascinating and intriguing experience.

Understand that neither Pat nor I are professional photographers, but we still hope you enjoy these photos of what we feel is the most interesting country in Africa.


Rock-Hewn Churches, Lalibela


Simien Mountains National Park

“We were able to go right up to the Gelada monkeys and we saw hundreds of them”


Northern Ethiopia

(The Highlands, Blue Nile Falls & the Palaces of Gondar)


Axum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site


The Gheralta Mountains


Omo Valley Adventures (Southern Ethiopia)