Is Ethiopia safe for Gays?

Is Ethiopia safe for Gays?

“Are gays safe in Ethiopia?”

Homosexuality remains a strong taboo across much of Africa, so openly gay people still face discrimination and hassles. Of the 54 countries in Africa, 33 (Ethiopia included) have outlawed homosexuality.

Now we think as a LGBT person or couple, you should be very discreet when visiting Ethiopia.

Do not discloose to anyone about your LGBT status. It’s quite a hush-hush subject both culturally and religiously in Ethiopia and I recommend that you don’t mention your status to anyone in-country.

Yes, we understand that “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” is not very gay-friendly but using it as a rule of thumb while traveling around the country can help you avoid unnecessary problems.

So. no public displays of affection (don’t hold hands and kiss in public) or sharing any same-sex family photos with the locals.

NOTE: Ethiopian men often show extraordinary affection to each other, which is purely friendship. Avoid making judgments or taking action without understanding what is going on.

And as a LGBT man or woman it is probably wise not to have your spouse’s name added in your passport, if you plan on visiting conservative African countries like Ethiopia, as a couple.

Now all that being said, two guys and two gals traveling together are often perceived to be siblings/cousins, friends, or work colleagues.

In summary:
So as far as Ethiopia is concerned, as a LGBT person or couple, the best thing do is to be discreet (clooseted) when traveling.