Maps of Ethiopia

Ethiopia Maps

On this page you will find several different maps of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is a completely landlocked country on a high plateau with serval wide central mountain ranges to the north and the west.

The southern highlands are separated from the north by the the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia, which contains 8 major lakes and several wild rivers.

But the geography then flattens out to into grasslands and deserts, in the southeast and volcanos and depressions in the northeast.

List of Maps

First, we have is a simple geographical map, detailing the mountain ranges, the plateau, Ethiopia’s Great Rift Valley Lakes and the lowlands. (See above)

The Great Rift lakes and the resulting wild rivers effectively separate Ethiopia into two areas, the highlands to the North and the remote regions to the South.

The second map is a satellite image showcasing the spectacular natural diversity of this fascinating country and its famed volcanic region and depressions to the northeast and the extreme desert lowlands at its far eastern tip. 

Next is a map of Ethiopia’s nine National Regional States

And below that an interactive map (hosted on Google Maps). You can click on the colored markers to discover more.

And last is a map of Ethiopia superimposed over the US as a size comparison. By the way, Ethiopia is slightly less than twice the size of Texas.


Google Satellite Image



Interactive Map (hosted on Google Maps)

[See legend below this map or click on map markers to learn more]


Cities (in blue)

1.  Addis Ababa (Finfinne) — capital of Ethiopia and home to Bole International, the largest airport in Africa.

2.  Axum (Aksum) — home of ancient tombs and  stone stelae (obelisks)

3.  Bahir Dar — Blue Nile Falls and nearby monasteries on the islands of Lake Tana 

4.  Dire Dawa — the second largest city; Moorish-style architecture surround the enormous Kafira Market in Dire Dawa’ old town

5.  Gondar —  home to some of East Africa’s only castles

6.  Harar —  ancient walled city known as ‘Africa’s Mecca’ (has 82 mosques). Also for centuries, the people in Harar have lived side by side and fed wild hyenas – one of the world’s deadliest land predators.

7.  Lalibela — home to 11 amazing rock-hewn Christian churches

8.  Mekele —  home to the Martyrs’ Memorial Monument


Other Destinations of Interest (in red)

  • Arba Minch – bordered by 2 of Ethiopia’s 8 Great Rift Valley lakes
  • Bale Mountain National Park – Fishing, wildlife and bird watching
  • Danakil Depression – The cruelest (hottest) place on earth?
  • Erta Ale – one of the world´s few active volcanoes constantly erupting
  • Hawzien – Cliff-side churches hewn from rocks, Gheralta mountains
  • Shinile – home to the Hadar “Lucy” Archaeological Site. The skeletal remains of the famous hominid “Lucy” were found here.
  • Simien National Park – home to troops of Gelada monkeys and several endemic bird species


Map of Ethiopia’s Regional States


Size Comparison Map of Ethiopia to the US

[Ethiopia is roughly twice the size of the state of Texas]