Is Ethiopia safe for kids?

Ethiopia safe for kids

“Is Traveling with Kids to Ethiopia Safe?”

In our opinion, Ethiopia is not a child-friendly travel destination. Since the country is vast (nearly twice the size of Texas), the distances you will be covering by 4WD makes traveling with young kids very difficult.

So for our adventure tours, we ask that all group members be at least 18 or over.

But if you wish to travel with younger children, we request that you book a private tour as your needs and requirements are different from the usual tour group.

Also please bear in mind that facilities for young children are limited in Ethiopia, particularly in more the remote or rural areas.

Of course, using short domestic flights can really cut down the time you spend on the road, just remember you will still have to load and unload all your children’s gear at each destination.

Not to mention, Ethiopia’s historical sites, rock churches and diverse landscapes probably won’t be of much interest to most kids.

However here are some things to consider when traveling with children in Ethiopia:

Car or Booster seat – Bring your own

Baby food – Bring your own

Pampers/wipes – Bring your own

Portable high chair – Bring your own

Mosquito netting – Available in most lodges but bring your own

Sunscreen suitable for kids and Sunburn treatment – Bring your own

Mosquito repellent – check with your pediatrician on which kind to bring

Rabies shots – since kids tend to play with animals, might not report bites/scratches, and are more likely to have animal bites to their head and neck.

While we strongly recommend that you leave your toddlers and pre-teen children at home, we have read stories that say traveling with older teenagers is possible!


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