When is the best time to go Ethiopia? 

“When Should I Visit Ethiopia?”

There are basically two major seasons: the dry season from October through May and the wet season that runs from June to September.

Most of the country has the main rainy season from June until September with some short rains in March.

Although it might drizzle for quite some time, most of the time it’s just a heavy shower (or downpour) after which the sun will come out again.

In the north it is perfectly possible to travel all year round except for serious hiking tours.

Southern Ethiopia (Omo Valley) however has its main rainy season during April and May with short rains in October/ November.

Although infrastructure has improved quite a bit in recent years, traveling to the south during the rainy season can be a bit difficult.

In the South, your travel plans might be interrupted due seasonal rivers and washed, muddy roads. Even un-seasonal rain storms can sometimes cause problems in this region.

In Summary:

The best time to travel and see both North and South Ethiopia would be during the dry season from October through May.

But if your have schedule conflicts, in the North during the rainy season you can still easily:

  • Visit historical and archaeological sites
  • Go to festivals and local ceremonies
  • Explore volcanoes and deserts
  • Take Photographs of beautiful scenery
  • Go on Bird watching expeditions


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